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Bauhaus are an English rock band, formed in Northampton in 1978 by Peter Murphy (vocals), Daniel Ash (guitar), Kevin Haskins (drums) and David J (bass). The band took their name from the German Bauhaus art movement, originally going by the name Bauhaus 1919, dropping the latter portion within a year of the band's formation. The typeface used by the band for the band name on album covers and other products is the same typeface used on the Bauhaus college building in Dessau, Germany. With their dark, gloomy sound and image, Bauhaus is considered to be one of the first gothic rock bands. Bauhaus broke up in 1983, with the band members going on to greater commercial success in other projects than they had in Bauhaus. The band reunited for a 1998 tour, and reunited again on a more permanent basis in 2005 with plans to record another album.

After Bauhaus disbanded, all members of the band did various solo work. Peter Murphy worked briefly with bassist Mick Karn of Japan in the band Dali's Car before going solo with such albums as Deep and Love Hysteria. Daniel Ash has also put out solo albums and released music under the name Tones on Tail with Kevin Haskins and Bauhaus roadie Glen Campling. David J has released multiple solo albums and has collaborated with several other musicians such as the Jazz Butcher band, as well as with comics writer/spoken-word artist Alan Moore on his performance piece The Birth Caul, over the years. He is currently working on his visual arts. Kevin Haskins has been making electronic music for video games, and also has been producing musical artists such as Gary Numan.
Ash and the Haskins brothers formed Love and Rockets in 1985, who achieved a US hit four years later with "So Alive". The band broke up after seven albums in 1999.

Bauhaus (band) Reformation
Bauhaus combined a number of influences including punk music, glam rock, German post-psychedelic experimentalists, even funk and dub) to create a gloomy, but very passionate sound which appealed to many fans left uninspired by the New Wave that arose in the wake of punk's collapse. Their sound proved very influential, inspiring or bringing attention to a whole wave of post-punk groups delving in the intense, gloomy style that would eventually come to be known as gothic rock. Bauhaus' sound, however, is often victim of its classification, as what is now considered "goth rock" has less in common with Bauhaus' music than Bauhaus had with other British post-punk groups. Its crucial elements were the innovative guitar playing of Daniel Ash and the dub-influenced bass of David J. Bauhaus remains one of the most popular groups of the genre.


Peter Murphy - vocals (occasionally keyboards and melodica in live performances)
Daniel Ash - guitar, saxophone, keyboards
David J - bass guitar, keyboards
Kevin Haskins - drums Band members


In the Flat Field (4AD) - 1980
Mask (Beggars Banquet) - 1981
The Sky's Gone Out (Beggars Banquet) - 1982
Burning from the Inside (Beggars Banquet) - 1983 Studio Albums

Press the Eject and Give Me the Tape (Beggars Banquet) - 1982
Rest in Peace: The Final Concert (Nemo/Beggars Banquet) - 1992
Gotham (Metropolis) - 1999 Live Albums

"Bela Lugosi's Dead" - (Small Wonder) 1979
"Dark Entries" - (4AD) 1980
"Terror Couple Kill Colonel" - (4AD) 1980
"Telegram Sam" - (T.Rex cover) - (4AD) 1980
"Kick in the Eye" - (Beggars Banquet) 1981 #59 UK
"The Passion of Lovers" - (Beggars Banquet) 1981 #56 UK
"Kick in the Eye (Searching for Satori E.P.)" - (Beggars Banquet) 1982 #45 UK
"Satori in Paris" - (4AD/New Rose) 1982
"A God in an Alcove" - (4AD/Flexi Pop) 1982
"Spirit" - (Beggars Banquet) 1982 #42 UK
"Ziggy Stardust" - (David Bowie cover) - (Beggars Banquet) 1982 #15 UK
"Lagartija Nick" - (Beggars Banquet) 1983 #44 UK
"She's in Parties" - (Beggars Banquet) 1983 #26 UK
"Sanity Assassin" - (Beggars Banquet) Limited fan club single only, 1983 Compilations

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