Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pockerley Waggonway
A typical North Eastern Railway (NER) station is reconstructed at Beamish. The station itself came from Rowley just a few miles from Beamish Museum; it was demolished and reconstructed at Beamish in 1975. In the yard there are a variety of wagons on display; under the footbridge the line goes down past the town ending in an open area beyond Barclays Bank, a distance of 1/4 mile. The line used to connect the railway station and colliery sidings until 1991 when the line between them was pulled up so that a tram line could be laid. Sometimes there is a working steam locomotive at the station, hauling the wagons up and down the line. The latest locomotives were Andrew Barclay No 22 from the Bowes Railway and Andrew Barclay W.S.T. also from the Bowes railway.
There used to be a lot of working steam at Beamish station with the NER J21 and Hawthorn Leslie No 14 hauling the restored NER coach and wagons up and down; the working of locomotives ceased in 1995 due to No 14 being at the end of its 10 yr certificate or finance, J21 already having been static since 1984. There was a NER Coach at the station but has now gone to the Tanfield Railway and there is a Regional Museums Store which has a lot of NER stock under cover including wagons and coaches. (Check the Beamish website for more details on running dates.)

The Railway Station
Beamish is home to 6 trams, some of which operate every day on the full track around the museum area.

  • Gateshead Single Decker no. 10 built in 1925. Out of operation for mechanical re-build.
    Sunderland Enclosed Double Decker No 16 built in 1900. In service after a three year restoration.
    Blackpool Open Topper no. 31 built in 1901. In regular service in the summer months at Beamish.
    Newcastle Open Topper no. 114 built in 1901. A unique example and in regular service in the summer months.
    Beamish Single Decker no. 196 built in 1935. In excellent restored condition and used regularly at Beamish.
    Sheffield Open Balcony Double Decker no. 264 built in 1907. Out of service undergoing a major overhaul to its body and mechanics. Beamish MuseumBeamish Museum Tramway

    • Newcastle Double Decker 501 built in 1948. On loan to the Sandtoft Trolleybus Museum as it is too recent to operate at Beamish.
      Keighley Single Decker 12 built in 1924. Undergoing a major restoration. Trolleybuses
      Please note that both of these are replicas.
      Other exhibits include a coal mine where it is possible to take an underground tour of the museum's 'Drift Mine'. The 1855 Colliery Winding Engine can be seen in steam during the summer months; and there are also miners' houses, a chapel and a school.

      • London General Bus DET 720D from the early 20th Century. In regular use on bus services round the museum.
        Daimler Double Decker design from 1913 J2503. In regular use and has been at Beamish the longest. Town

        Black Country Living Museum
        Blists Hill Victorian Town
        National Tramway Museum