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For the Australian psychotherapist, see Peter O'Connor (psychologist)
Peter O'Connor (October 24, 1872 - November 9, 1957) was an Irish athlete who set a long-standing world record for the long jump and won two Olympic medals in the 1906 Games.

Peter O'ConnorPeter O'Connor Early career
As of June, 1900, the world record for the long jump was held by Myer Prinstein of Syracuse University, at 24' 7¼". In 1900 and 1901, competing with the Irish Amateur Athletic Association (IAAA), a rival association to the GAA, O'Connor set several unofficial world records in the long jump. He set an officially recognised world record of 24' 9" at the Royal Dublin Society's grounds in Dublin on 27 May 1901. On 5th August 1901 he jumped 24ft 11¾ins (7.61m) in Dublin. This was the first IAAF recognised long jump world record. It caused a sensation at the time, being only a fraction short of the 25' barrier, and remained unbeaten for 20 years, a longevity surpassed only by Jesse Owens's 25-year record and Bob Beamon's 23-year record. It remained an Irish record for a remarkable 89 years.