Sunday, November 4, 2007

Northern Territory Police
The Northern Territory Police (NTP) is the police body that has legal jurisdication over the Northern Territory of Australia. This police service has 1081 gazetted police positions made up of 41 Senior Sergeants, 134 Sergeants,31 Brevet Sergeants, 612 Constables, 141 Auxiliaries and 63 Aboriginal Community Police Officers. The rest of the positions are members of Commissioned rank and 18 inoperative positions (as of 12 January 2006). It also has a civilian staff of 251.
Police in the Northern Territory are part of a "Tri-Service": the Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Service with the Commissioner of Police, Mr Paul White, APM as the CEO of the "Tri Service".

Drug and Alcohol Policy Unit
Domestic and Personal Violence Protection Unit
Indigenous Development Unit
Juvenile Pre-Court Diversion Scheme
Road Safety
Air Wing
Counter Terrorism Security Coordination Unit
Criminal History and Warrants Unit
Firearms Policy and Records Unit
Joint Emergency Services Communications Centre
Marine and Fisheries Enforcement Unit
Territory Response Section Northern Territory Police History
The NTP traces its roots back to the South Australian Mounted Police from the late 1860s and Native Police Corps formed from 1884. Their role was mostly as a security force to protect the early inhabitants of the Northern Territory than as a police force. The current NTP came into existence in 1911.