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The Kingston Trio
The Kingston Trio is an American folk and pop music group. They helped launch the folk revival of the late-1950s to early 1960s, and continued to thrive as an acoustic group despite the increasing dominance of rock and roll.

Formation and Early Success
Guard left the band in 1961 as part of a disagreement over its musical direction and with the way their publishing earnings were being handled. He formed the group Whiskey Hill Singers, and was replaced by John Stewart, who led the group through several more years of popularity until the arrival of The Beatles and British invasion rock bands pushed them from the charts. Guard died of lymphatic cancer in 1991.
The Trio disbanded after a final performance at the hungry i, June 17, 1967.
Shane, the lone member to resist the break-up of the Trio, started a new group, aptly named, "The New Kingston Trio," in 1969. Eventually, Shane was successful in reaching a contractual agreement with his former partners, Guard, Reynolds, and Werber, to secure and license once again, the original name, "The Kingston Trio" (unencumbered by the adjective "New"), in 1976.(Blake et al. 1986.) Shane still owns the property today, 2007.
For a number of years in the 1980s Reynolds, one of the original three members, rejoined Shane until he re-retired in 1998.
In 2004 Shane retired from the group due to health problems. He was replaced by Bill Zorn (The Limeliters), who had been with Shane in The New Kingston Trio.
In 2005 Bobby Haworth (a one-time member of The Brothers Four) left the group to be replaced by Rick Dougherty, who also had been a member of The Limeliters.
As of 2006, The Kingston Trio consists of George Grove, Bill Zorn and Rick Dougherty. Bob Shane has said that this is the closest resembling group, sounding a lot like the original Guard, Shane, and Reynolds trio.

"Scotch and Soda"
Capitol Records Releases: Albums
Capitol Records also released vinyl albums of The Best of the Kingston Trio, Vols I, II, and III between 1961 and 1966, a "duophonic" reissue of cuts from the first two albums named The Kingston Trio Encores in 1961, and a number of CD compilations and re-issues in the 1980s and 1990s.
Decca Records Releases: Albums
Tetragrammaton Records Release: Album
Longines Symphonette Release: Album
GZS Productions Tape/CD Release
Nautilus Records Release: Album
Xerxes Records Releases: Albums
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Vanguard Records Release: CD
Silverwolf Records Release: Original CD
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Shout Factory Release: CD
Kingston Trio Productions Release: CD
There are in addition literally scores of vinyl, tape, and CD compilations and reissues by a multitude of companies in the U.S., Germany, Japan, and elsewhere.
Video Releases
Top 40 Hits In Chronological Order:
Other well-known songs frequently performed by The Kingston Trio:

The Kingston Trio 1958
...from the Hungry i 1959
Stereo Concert 1959
The Kingston Trio At Large 1959
Here we Go Again 1959
Sold Out 1960
String Along 1960
The Last Month of the Year 1960
Make Way 1961
Goin' Places 1961
Close Up 1961
College Concert 1962
Something Special 1962
New Frontier 1962
#16 1963
Sunny Side 1963
Time to Think 1963
Back in Town 1964
Nick Bob John 1964
Stay Awhile 1965
Somethin' Else 1965
Children of the Morning 1966
Once Upon a Time (double album) 1969
The World Needs A Melody 1973
Live At The Crazy Horse 1976
Aspen Gold 1979
25 Years Non-Stop 1982
Looking For The Sunshine 1983
Rediscover The Kingston Trio 1985
Hidden Treasures 1987
Everybody's Talking 1989
An Evening With The Kingston Trio 1992
The New Kingston Trio: The Lost Masters 1969-1972 1997
Snapshot 2006
The Kingston Trio Live At Newport 1994
Live At The Crazy Horse 1995
The Lost 1967 Album 2007
The Final Concert 2007
The Essential Kingston Trio 2006
Still Goin' Places 2005
The First Fifty Years 2007
The Kingston Trio and Friends Reunion (WhiteStar Video, 1982)
An Evening With The Kingston Trio (Rhino Video, 1989)
The Kingston Trio 45th Anniversary Tribute Concert (EDI, 2002)
Wherever We May Go (Shout Factory, 2006)
The Kingston Trio: Fifty Years Of Having Fun (EDI, 2006)
Live At The Yuma (Kingston Trio Productions, 2007)
Young Men In A Hurry [TV Series Pilot] (Paramount, 2007)
"Tom Dooley", #1 in 1958
"The Tijuana Jail", #12 in 1959
"M.T.A.", #15 in 1959
"A Worried Man", #20 in 1959
"El Matador", #32 in 1960
"Bad Man Blunder", #37 in 1960
"Where Have All the Flowers Gone?", #21 in 1962
"Greenback Dollar", #21 in 1963
"Reverend Mr. Black", #8 in 1963
"Desert Pete", #33 in 1963
"Scarlet Ribbons"
"This Land Is Your Land"
"Lemon Tree"
"Scotch and Soda"
"The Long Black Veil"
"The World Needs a Melody"
"Raspberries, Strawberries"
"500 Miles"
"Ballad of the Shape of Things"
"Reuben James"
"Zombie Jamboree"
"With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm"
"The Merry Little Minuet" Awards and recognition

In The Simpsons episode, "The Dad Who Knew Too Little," The Kingston Trio are listed number one on Mr. Burns' Nixon-esque enemies list.
In the 1970s, The New London Trio (patterned after the music and format of The Kingston Trio) performed with guitar, upright bass, and banjo as a splinter group of The Idlers.