Friday, January 25, 2008

WQEW (1560 kHz) is a Radio Disney affiliate licensed to New York City. Its transmitter is located in Maspeth, Queens. WQEW has a transmitter power of 50,000 watts and is listed as a Clear channel station. On some nights, WQEW can be picked up loud and clear as far out as Cleveland, Ohio, where it out performs WWMK AM 1260 in its distance areas.

WQEW History
Each Radio Disney station has different and unique legal Id's for identifying itself. Extendend Id's very from market to market and usually last about 8 seconds.

The mouse is in the house, AM 1560, Radio Disney.
New York is all ears, AM 1560, Radio Disney.
The station just for New York, AM 1560 Radio Disney.
The station cooked up for New York, AM 1560, Radio Disney.
Hey New York, the mouse is in the house, AM 1560 Radio Disney.
It's a party everyday, New York, AM 1560, Radio Disney.